Anna Gómez Lagerlöf
I am from Sweden and I am very happy that I got the chance to volunteer in IOL. When IOL was Stockholm in Sweden I volunteered too and had a great time! I am a massage therapist and health coach. I speak Swedish, English and Spanish fluently and have good knowledge of French. I like to meet new people and love to dance.
Boriana Dzhivdzhanova
I love the spirit of Linguistics and the secrets of life. I also like photography and I was glad to be the official photographer of the IOL.
Dimitar Hristov
Mariya Lazarova
I have been competing in Linguistics Olympiads and competitions throughout all of my high school education, representing the Blagoevgrad Maths and Science High School. I am now going into my third year in university, studying Computer Science.
Martin Minchev
Mateja Hrast
Melania Berbatova
Tamila Krashtan
I’m a student of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. As I study Computer Science it’s my fate to be on familiar terms with logic and to have a desire for researching. One of my hobbies is postcrossing – exchanging postcards with strangers all over the world. All these interests accidently led me to linguistics and after my first attempt linguistics captivates me more and more.
Vesko Milev
Victor Valov
Yova Kemenchedjieva