Dipl. Eng. Aleksandar Velinov, MBA
Aleksandar Velinov is the chairman of this year’s Organizing Committee. Head organizer, lector and author of linguistic problems, he is one of the most essential people for the realization of all the linguistic events in Bulgaria. A former national Olympiad champion, Aleksandar is the coauthor of two textbooks with linguistic problems, and over the years has had classes in 5 different schools throughout the capital, Sofia.

Board of Trustees

Prof. Petar Kenderov, DSc
Chairman, Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians
Petar Kenderov graduated from the Mechanics-Mathematics Department of the Moscow State University in 1966 and got his Ph.D. degree from the same University in 1970.

As chair of the National Commission for Competitions in Mathematics (1976-1988), appointed by the Ministry of Education, Petar Kenderov designed and implemented the base of the current Bulgarian system for identifying, motivating and developing young talents in Mathematics, Informatics and Mathematical linguistics. In 1987, in connection with the international conference Children in the Information Age held in Sofia, Bulgaria, he organized the first international contest in informatics for secondary school students. In 1989 Kenderov chaired the International Jury of the first International Olympiad in Informatics (Pravets, Bulgaria). In 2003 he was on the organizing committee of the first International Olympiad in Linguistics, which was also founded in Bulgaria.

Since 2009, as coordinator for Bulgaria, Kenderov has been involved in several European projects for promoting and disseminating Inquiry-Based Mathematics and Science Education. In 2014 he received the Paul Erdös Award of the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions.

Snezhinka Matakieva
Chief Expert, Higher Education Policy Directorate
Snezhinka Matakieva is a Chief Expert at the Higher Education Policy Directorate. Having graduated with honors from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” with a Master Degree in Complex analysis, Snezhinka has worked as a research scientist and a teacher of mathematics.
Elena Marinova
President, Musala Soft Ltd.
As President of Musala Soft, Elena gives her unique touch to the company strategy, paying special attention to image, market positioning, high level contacts, company culture and team spirit. She is actively positioning Musala Soft as a leading software company, reliable partner, socially responsible enterprise and engine for the economic growth in Bulgaria and EU. Elena invests her effort in causes with long term scientific and social importance. Elena is focused on projects improving the environment and stimulating the development of young talents, broadening their horizons and building their self-confidence of citizens of the world.
Alexey Hristov
Chairman, Bulgarian Olympic Association
Alexey Hristov is one of the founders and Board Chairman of Bulgarian Natural Science Olympic Leaders’ Association.

Executive Board

Assist. Prof. Iliyana Raeva, PhD
Coordination manager
A doctor of Mathematical linguistics and currently a Senior Assistant Professor in the University of Rousse, Iliana Raeva has been lecturing since 1982, since the very establishment of linguistic contests in Bulgaria. She is also the founder of the IOL. Although she herself has never been a participant, many of her students won medals from the International Olympiad.
Assist. Prof. Rositsa Dekova, PhD
Coordination manager
Rositsa Dekova is a coordination manager for the upcoming International Olympiad. A former contestant and a national champion, Rositsa pursued her interests in linguistics and got a PhD in Linguistics from NTNU, Trondheim. Presently, she is a Senior Assistant Professor at the University of Plovdiv and an affiliated researcher at the Department of Computational Linguistics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Rositsa is also responsible for teaching Mathematical Linguistics to students in Plovdiv and is actively involved in the training of the Bulgaria’s National teams for the past several years.
Stamen Filchev
Coordination manager
Stamen Filchev is a coordination manager of the International Olympiad in Bulgaria. He used to be a contestant and was competing for the National Bulgarian Team. After his graduation, he started teaching a class in linguistics in Blagoevgrad and became a team leader at the 6th and 7th IOL. His student, Yordan Mehandzhiyski is the only contestant in the IOL to win 4 medals (2 silver and 2 bronze). He is also a member of the national jury and the national committee.


Adelina Radeva
International relations manager
Having been a contestant in linguistics olympiads for five years, it’s no surprise Adelina is an active part of the organizing committee. She graduated the Sofia High School of Mathematics, she is now a third year Archaeology student in the University of Sofia, and also has two years of giving lectures in linguistics behind her back. This year, apart from being an international relations manager for the 13th IOL, she will be teaching her very own class of linguistics in the capital.
Lora Dineva
International relations manager
Lora Dineva is a graduate from the Spanish Bilingual High School in Sofia. She is also a former contestant and has competed on a national level. Lora has been actively participating in the organization of all linguistic events in Bulgaria for the past two years and is the International relations manager for the International Linguistics Olympiad.
Marin Ivanov
Internet relations manager
Marin Ivanov is the Internet relations manager for this year’s edition of the IOL. A graduate of the Spanish Bilingual High School in Sofia, his 3 years as a participant in linguistic contests have resulted in various awards, including a gold and a bronze medal from the International Olympiads, which granted him a place in the IOL Hall of Fame. This is his second year of aiding the organization of linguistic events in Bulgaria.
Hristo Hristov
Graphic design
Hristo Hristov is the graphic designer in the IOL organization team. He is 19, born in Haskovo, currently studying architecture in UACG, Sofia. Hristo was a linguistic competitor from 2008 to 2014 and considered to be one of the best Bulgarian competitors.
Stanimir Semerdzhiev
Website management
With a relatively short, but successful run as a contestant (having surpassed numerous other competitors and winning a spot in Bulgaria’s National team on his second year as a linguist), Stanimir is now a valuable member of the Organizing Committee for the 2015 IOL. A graduate of the High School of Mathematics and Natural Science in Stara Zagora, he is currently in charge of managing the Olympiad’s website.